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Dr. Michael Raymont

Chief Executive Officer

Mike’s depth of experience in entrepreneurship, venture capital and government relations is evident by his past leadership of AVAC, Canada’s largest Agri-Tech venture capital fund and acting president of National Research Council.

Dr Malcolm Barratt-Johnson

Chief Medical Officer

Malcolm has over 22 years in the pharmaceutical industry specialising in Medical Affairs, Product Development and Regulatory Strategy. Malcolm has worked extensively in senior positions at AstraZeneca, Roche, and the MHRA and EMEA.

Barney Neal

Chief Operating Officer

Barney is a product & marketing entrepreneur focussing his efforts to enable access to life changing plant medicines for patients in need. Barney has worked closely with the Conscious Fund, a Venture Capital Fund focused on cannabis & psychedelics.

Numair Khan

Lab Development

Numair is a UK registered pharmacist and EU/UK QPPV. Numair has over 10 years’ experience in Production, Quality assurance and Pharmacovigilance of products of multiple dosage forms. Numair has extensively worked with NHS in technical services providing Quality assurance and production expertise for Aseptic production units working under MS License.

Graeme McFarlane

Chief Commercial Officer

30+ years in the pharmaceutical industry holding senior management positions in Astra Zenca, GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol Myers before starting B2B companies specializing in Pharma Market Access, his most recent having been sold to IQVIA.

Chand Jagpal

Chief Financial Officer

Public Company Management and Accounting Professional including Financial, Disclosure & Compliance Responsibilities in the medical cannabis, agriculture, biotech, nutraceuticals and business software systems industries with 20+ years of experience.

Ali Gulamhusein

Chief Development Officer

Ali has 15+ years engineering experience in the development and commercialisation of novel process technologies in oil and gas, pulp and paper, electrochemistry and pharmaceutical sectors. Ali has extensive experience in the management of both short term and longer multi-year R&D programs.

Rocky Dhaliwal

Mechanical and Automation Engineer

Rocky has 15+ years of industry experience designing custom built manufacturing and processing equipment for a world leading manufacturer of commercial products. Rocky has overseen numerous automated equipment projects from inception to implementation. Rocky has spent the last two years combining his agricultural and engineering know-how to design extraction equipment for the emerging cannabis industry with a focus on in-field harvesting and extraction.

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Updated on August 30, 2021