Helping Cancer Patients with Chronic Pain
Creating Ethical Shareholder Value

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Solutions for patients with unmet medical needs.

We are pioneering research, development and the provision of access to commercially effective and affordable cannabinoid-based medicines specifically for treating patients suffering from cancer-related pain in the UK.


Faster approach to delivering cannabis-based medicines.

We launched the first Real-World Evidence (RWE) peer-reviewed clinical trial in this domain. Supported by our already established & highly reputable Clinical Advisory Board.


Endorsements & Strategic Relationships

We have received a number of highly sought-after endorsements and have partnerships with a number of leading oncology research centres across the UK, more information on these can be found under About Us.

Investor Portal Access

Access the CBD Science Investor Portal. Here you can find all the documents you may require for due diligence.

Our Mission

Generating shareholder value & helping suffering patients today.

The UK legal cannabis market is forecast to reach 1.5 billion by 2026 (Prohibition Partners, 2021).

Comparable companies have already shown exceptional value and are trading at up to 80 times revenue.