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Real World Evidence - Accelerated patient access.

How will the drug behave in the complex, unpredictable real world?

  • Which patients will it be most effective?
  • How does it compare with other treatments?
  • How cost-effective is it?
  • How much will it cost to treat everyone who needs it?

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We need understand what happens in actual clinical practice and use that to inform treatment and reimbursement decisions.

For decades, randomised clinical trials have been the gold standard for demonstrating a potential new medicine is safe & effective. Nowadays, however, payers, policymakers and suffering patients are demanding more.

As the research and healthcare landscape shifts towards increasing personalisation of treatment, rising emergence of rare diseases and earlier access, it is grappling  simultaneously with high costs and lengthy timelines when delivering medicine to patients. Real world evidence has the potential to help facilitate access and address some of this burden, whilst providing a better understanding of medicines ‘real world’ use.

The impact of real world data:
A representative of everyday clinical practice

Real-World Data (RWD) is data relating to patient health status and the delivery of healthcare collected regularly from a variety of sources. These sources provide reliable evaluations on three pillars of RWE Studies.

RWE analytics delivers valuable information, from the frontline of healthcare systems. This data leads the conversation with payers, healthcare providers, and regulators to make more holistic and informed healthcare decisions.

Improved data collection enables safer studies when scaling study populations, whilst upholding gold standard patient care and integration.

Humanistic data, typically focused on quality of life measures important to patients.
Clinical data, which helps evaluate a drug’s safety and effectiveness.
Economic data, used to evaluate its value.