CBD Science Group are Raising Investment

It is time to progress into the clinical setting with the commencement of our Real World Evidence trial and for that we need your help!
  • Help Patients Suffering

    Everyone has been touched by someone struggling with cancer and the pain suffered is immense. Typical pain medications such as opioids are not suitable and often bring severe side effects.

  • The UK Medical Cannabis Space Is Rapidly Growing

    The UK medical cannabis market is growing exponentially, with several nascent companies performing well on the London Stock Exchange. For example, Cellular Goods (£30m), Kanabo (£66m) and MCG Pharma (£78m). We too are working towards an LSE listing.

  • Take Advantage Of High Growth Potential

    This current crowd raise provides the opportunity to invest at a market valuation of only £10m.

  • Eligible For Tax Relief

    The raise has been EIS approved by the HMRC enabling all UK investors to receive a 30% tax relief. 

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